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1. Join a team of educators that are making a difference in children’s & families’ lives: jump in on the ground floor with seasoned educators to build out this pilot so that it can be implemented state-wide!

2. Be a Tutor-coach or an Assistant (depending on experience); Learn how to and teach children in a classroom setting, following the Revive Academies classical, homeschool educational method.

3. Implement teaching practices to grow students in their academic skills

4. Be mentored by a seasoned Tutor-Coach with Revive Academies

5. Be trained in:

Learn how to support parents by leading their children in academics (teaching with a different philosophy – one in which parents retain the main role as teacher/administrator and we, the tutors support them with an educational program. Parents are the authority, we are the support. Yes, we teach, but the mindset is always to respect the parent as the main teacher and authority.)

Requirements click here

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