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An Educator, a teacher with a different hierarchy than traditional teachers: one who works for the parents of their students, not an educational entity. As a traditionally trained teacher, it takes a paradigm shift and an intentional heart of humility to understand that parents have the primary place of leadership and authority in raising their children and it follows that education is an extension of parenting (even if we, the “trained educator” might know more about methods, have more experience, etc). Thus, parents are the primary teachers in their home, even if they don’t do the actual academic instruction day to day. Parents administrate, oversee and teach their children. They may hire tutors to assist them to meet their goals or to accommodate their work schedules.


We accomplish this at Revive Academies by providing a 1-5 day/week program in which parents may drop off their students to be educated in our comprehensive, classical program AND/OR they may stay and participate, be mentored, assist, or simply be a part of the educational experience with their students. Parents may choose to stay home and educate with the same curriculum on their own or use other curriculum at home of their choice. Parents that choose to help with leading other students in addition to their own, will be trained as certified Tutor-Coaches and lead their own group of students.

Opportunity to be trained as a Certified Tutor-Coach:



Join a team of educators that are making a difference in children’s & families’ lives: jump in on the ground floor with seasoned educators to build out this pilot so that it can be implemented state-wide!



Be a Tutor-coach or an Assistant (depending on experience); Learn how and teach children in a classroom setting, following the Revive Academies classical, homeschool educational method.



Implement teaching practices to grow students in their academic skills


Be mentored by a seasoned Tutor-Coach with Revive Academies


Be trained and receive practice in how to be a “Tutor-Coach”;teaching with a different philosophy – one in which parents retain the main role as teacher/

administrator and the tutors support them with an educational program, actually instructing their children in academics. Parents are the authority; tutors are the support. Yes, tutors teach, but the mindset is always to respect the parent as the main teacher and authority.

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