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We are a classical educational program and are seeking adventuresome, enthusiastic families with school-aged children who desire to have a choice to come with their student or to drop off their student for a comprehensive educational program in a supportive community. We are inviting you to join us in running our pilot. Our vision is big, our experience is vast, and we’d love to invite you to come alongside us!

We plan to rescue 1 million children out of the public school system and to empower hundreds of thousands of parents to restore God-given freedoms in raising their children in grounded Biblical principles, thus re-establishing full parental authority. We’ve got a unique model, one built on the philosophy of classical homeschooling with academic excellence, one that respects and elevates the parent as the authority in their student’s life, and one that serves full-time working parents with a safe place for their children to be educated on their behalf while they work.


The philosophy of Revive Academies is based on the belief that children and teens learn best if the needs of the whole child are addressed. Quite simply, focusing on the whole child means we recognize that a child’s growth is about more than academics. It means a learning environment should be a safe place in which to take risks, ask questions, be playful and active, and engage with others. And, it means that social and emotional needs are considered daily. 

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