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Key benefits:

• Available for Full-Time Working Parents

• The Best education hands down available can be found in the homeschool realm. We offer it.

• classical program, a proven method for over 100 years,

• Available for FIRST time, NEVER HAVE CONSIDERED BEFORE homeschool parents – we specialize in guiding and leading you along.

• Easy to Start up, Simple to maintain. A place where parents and children can find peace together. Simple. Peaceful.

• Brings structure to homeschooling – on location and at home

• Educational Alternative to public and other school settings

• Safe Location, local church

• Student drop off 1- 5 days and/or parent can stay

• Can be a Hybrid- some days at home and some days at the location or all days at location

• Best protection from governmental protection for parents to be the legal school covering for their children

• Easy for Churches to say YES to opening 1 or more classrooms – just like any other program in the church. A class may consist of 3-6-10 students.

• Easy for experienced homeschool moms and dads to be trained and certified as tutors

• (Parents pay the tutors directly, Tutors pay licensing fee to Revive Academies) doesn’t need to be said in key benefits – this goes in a detailed “how to make payment” or “how it is legally homeschooling” – or it simply isn’t on the website –

• Other homeschool families find this a joy to participate in – simple, peaceful.

• Develops critical thinkers, independent learners, servant leaders

• Parent administrated education

• Parents values matter! Family Values Matter!

• Learning at the speed and uniqueness of the student

• Prepares students for next steps beyond high school: college, career training and the outside world

• Focuses on goals: academic, character building, social, spiritual goals

• Friendships abound! For children and parents! a community is built!

• Encourage, Equip, Empower

• Parents can be trained to lead theirs and other students, to make an income

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