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The Revive Academies platform offers a comprehensive academic program for children of full-time working parents (and others) in which the parent administrates their student’s learning process, yet drops off their student at a local church, one to five days a week to be educated by strategically trained, certified tutors, who are experienced homeschool parents receiving compensation for their work. 

It is a scalable, customizable program by meeting a student’s academic and special developmental needs with a curated curriculum, covering all ages, that is used in the classroom and at home if desired, which allows the option for a one-room schoolhouse approach. Parents choose to enroll their students for one to five days either from home, under their own tutorage, or on location as a drop-off student with a Revive Academies certified tutor. Parents are always welcome to stay and participate if desired. In addition, parents receive individual and group coaching, online training, and hands on resources to successfully achieve and/or exceed their academic, character building, social and spiritual goals, ready for college and the outside world. Safe. Robust. Scalable.

Revive Academies can be easily established in any town by assisting to connect the following three components certified Revive Academies tutors, interested families/students, and church locations. It then provides resources such as tutor training to build and organize their class(es) and to coordinate within the larger Revive Academies community the following: parent coaching, homeschool training and resources; student drop-off program, curated curriculum and more.

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